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Sustainable farming methods create better food diversity, preserve water with more efficient facilities and drought-tolerant crops, and encourage better livestock health. Organic farmers work to improve soil fertility by rotating crops, using cover crops and tilling the soil

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As an Exchange Visitor, your program may include learning about field crops, protection decisions, weed identification, marketing of field crops, maintenance and repair of field crops, farm machinery, harvesting, drying of field crops, and GPS training. 


The Livestock Production and Management Associate of Applied Science program focuses on the animal care and management, business management, and associated services that are part of a livestock enterprise or related industry. 


Plant production. … A plant is the only living organism able to manufacture its own food. All other forms of life need to consume plants, their products, or other organisms (which have eaten plants) to meet their energy needs. Plants use an extremely efficient process called photosynthesis to feed themselves


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The number of jobs in the South African agricultural sector is decreasing, due in part to the lack of sustainable agricultural business skills within the emerging farmers segment. In 2011, the Rural Development and Land Reform ministry report indicated that nine out of 10 farms transferred to black farmers had failed because farmers lacked the capacity to conduct viable farming businesses. The success of emerging farmers requires excellent applied practical, managerial and business skills to ensure a profitable enterprise in a globally competitive environment.

This project aims to reduce bottlenecks in the farming food chain and develop commercially viable farming enterprises. Bakgatlha Balimi  has developed an effective learning-by-doing farmer training programme to address problems faced by emerging farmers. The project trains farmers, who either own land or are beneficiaries of government land reform programmes but lack the skills to productively use their land. Farmers also receive support after the training to set up their farming operations, and access funding and markets. It is envisaged that the emerging farmers will go on to create at least one job each as a result of the initiative.

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The Accreditation process ensures that Bakgatlha Balimi maintain and improve the quality of learning provisions and learning achievements of learners. Through the registration of ASSESSORS, the ETQA will also ensure that training provision and learners achievements are of a consistent high quality and standard across the sector.



The Programs aim to enhance the success of beginning farmers by providing education and hands-on training in: production, marketing, financial management, land acquisition, and other resource acquisition.



The social and economic responsibility of Bakgatlha Balimi in the agriculture sector continues to increase as Africa’s population increases. Agriculture, as a key driver of economic growth and development on the continent, needs to continuously reinvent itself to remain agile, sustainable and competitive in order to fulfil this responsibility.



Bakgatlha Balimi provides high-quality, accredited practical training to new and aspiring farmers through hands-on competency-based learning principles.

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